10 November, 2010

sunday november 14th

some people (you may be one of them) might want to put a question mark after the title of this week’s chapter in TGBG. that would be understandable given the world we live in.

this week’s soul training is to make a list of the many things for which we are grateful to God. mine includes soccer and soul music so its obviously not an exclusively “religious” list.

what’s yours going to have in it?

to find out what others have included in their list, and to share yours, gather at the Undecroft at 5.00 pm for bread, soup, coffee, conversation, and possibly a little music!

(th) is (th) is ch (u r) ch (?)

    a community of followers of jesus who come together but who also disperse... remaining connected. can church be everything... our meetings, but also our work, our play, our art, our conversation, our parties, and our silences?

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  • alisha and steve > ottawa
  • ariane > edmonton
  • arianna > london uk
  • bianca and gyoo > korea
  • cathlin > sidney
  • catou and daphne > victoria, bc
  • dave > australia
  • drew > kampala
  • hanif > ottawa
  • jack and susan > port hope
  • jay and charlotte > ottawa, back and forth
  • kaori > australia
  • kate, dave and silas> toronto
  • leah and sam > victoria
  • mayumi > tokyo
  • sarah and dave > hamilton
  • tanya and mike > ottawa

Sue and Drew in Kampala 2008

Hurricane relief: Florida 2006

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