five short pieces for Christmas

stumbled across these five short pieces for Christmas, which I thought were really useful in helping us focus on aspects of Jesus’ birth that somehow often get lost in the shuffle. see what you think!

Christmas Day & Boxing Day there will be no emerge gatherings at the Undercroft, so please celebrate Jesus’ birth heartily with your friends,families, and the local Christian community wherever you find yourself this time of the year!

have a very Merry Christmas and a God-filled New Year!

(th) is (th) is ch (u r) ch (?)

    a community of followers of jesus who come together but who also disperse... remaining connected. can church be everything... our meetings, but also our work, our play, our art, our conversation, our parties, and our silences?

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  • alisha and steve > ottawa
  • ariane > edmonton
  • arianna > london uk
  • bianca and gyoo > korea
  • cathlin > sidney
  • catou and daphne > victoria, bc
  • dave > australia
  • drew > kampala
  • hanif > ottawa
  • jack and susan > port hope
  • jay and charlotte > ottawa, back and forth
  • kaori > australia
  • kate, dave and silas> toronto
  • leah and sam > victoria
  • mayumi > tokyo
  • sarah and dave > hamilton
  • tanya and mike > ottawa

Sue and Drew in Kampala 2008

Hurricane relief: Florida 2006

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